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Kratky Method Hydroponic System
by: atlantis edu

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The Viagrow™ Kratky Method Hydroponic System utilizes one of the newest and most exciting new methods of hydroponic growing, developed by Dr. Bernard Kratky at the University of Hawaii. With this method, which works best for leafy green plants such as lettuce, simply plant seedlings in the 3" Net Pots using the Super Plugs and ViaStone provided, fill the bucket to the top with a pH adjusted mix of water and fertilizer (not included), place the lid with the seedlings in place securely on the bucket, and walk away. The sealed bucket provides an ideal growing environment, minimizing moisture lost to evaporation, and the roots continue to elongate into the water/fertilizer mixture as the water/fertilizer mixture is absorbed by the plants. The airspace between the top of the water and the top of the container provides the necessary oxygen for the plants, and they will make stunning aerial roots in order to absorb the necessary oxygen. The plants should be ready to harvest before the water is completely gone.

The Viagrow™ Kratky Method Hydroponic System includes:

• 1 3.2 gallon Black Bucket
• 1 3.2 gallon Black Bucket Lid
• 2.5 liters ViaStone Expanded Clay Grow Rocks
• 4 3" Net Pots
• 4 Super Plugs

Please note that this method is not suitable for flowering or fruiting crops.

Height 11"

Length 12"

Weight 5 lbs

Width 12"

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