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Flo-n-Gro™ Ebb Complete Hydroponic Grow System, 12 site
by: titan controls

SKU# 702790
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The Flo-n-Gro™ complete system comes with a 55 gallon food grade reservoir, twelve (12) 4 gallon grow sites and twelve (12) 3 gallon 360° mesh aeration inserts. These mesh inserts promote lateral root growth and better aeration for the root zone. The complete system features Titan Controls® Oceanus 1 - Flo-n-Gro™ controller. The kit includes and tubing and fittings to hook up the system. The 3/4" tubing and fill lines improve water exchange and flow rates. Also included are two (2) dependable Maxi-Jet 1000 pumps. Easy to use and simple to understand, you can set up the complete system and be growing in one hour! | 10 Amps | 120 Volts | 60 Hz | 3 year warranty.

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by Ciara from
I recently spoke to the manufacturer of the Flo-n-Gro Ebb Complete System and they said this system is an excellent beginner system but might not be the best choice for larger growers. They also had the following tips: The best media mix to use is - 80% LECA Stone (ViaStone) with 20% coco fiber this mix yielded 10% more in all of their trials than using LECA by itself. You should use a liner with the coco mix for the inside of the pots which SL sells (item code 724975) or During veg (18 or 24 hour light cycle) Two 15 minute watering cycles per day 1 when the lights turn on and the 2nd 1 hour before the lights turn out. If running 24 hours then just 1 15 minute watering cycle every 12 hours. During the Fruiting cycle (12 hours of lights on & 12 off) use 3 15 minute watering cycles 15 minutes when lights turn on 15 minutes after 6 hours of lights on (midday쳌) 15 minutes 1 hour before lights shut off. I hope the info above is helpful!

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