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MH and HPS Grow Light Systems

Here at HydroWholesale, we offer a wide variety of only the most efficient and high-quality grow light systems to our customers. Each grow light system is equipped with specialized features for optimal functionality for any horticulturalist. All of our HID grow light systems are produced by trusted manufacturers who use the latest in lighting system technology. HydroWholesale understands the importance in choosing the perfect system for the specific project. This is why we offer our customers light systems that can handle customizable options they require to harvest at their highest potential. The grow light systems we offer vary from 1000 watt to 600 watt HPS capability, or 400 watt to digital 250/400 watt switchable light systems and everything in between. You can count on HydroWholesale to combine professional quality with convenient options for the modern gardener.

Please Note: All light systems are pictured with an 18" chrome reflector and standard bulb. To upgrade, select the light system of interest and customize accordingly.