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Welcome to HydroWholesale's Videos!  Here you can find several instructional videos that can help in the process of growing with hydroponics.

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Using a Ballast and Timer



Carbon Filter and Fan Setup




Flood and Drain Setup



Fan Air Cooling Your Grow Light Reflector



Viagrow™ Grow Room Tent Setup



Using A Yo-Yo Light Mover



Using Viastone Clay Rocks as a Hydroponic Growing Media



Viagrow™ Hydroponic Grow Room Kit Setup



Vertical Hydroponic System & Grow Room Kit Setup



Large Grow Tent Greenhouse Setup



Ch. 1 Cloning A Mother Plant & Seed Propagation Germination



Ch. 3 Hydroponic System Setup Part I



Ch. 3 Hydroponic System Setup Part II



Ch. 4 Hydroponic Grow Media Options



Ch. 5 Lighting Part I



Ch. 5 Lighting Part II



Using a T5 HO Customizable Strip Light Stand