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Hydro Wholesale has cheap hydroponic equipment and grow lighrt systems



We compare prices so you don't have to, resulting in a satisfactory customer experience every time. Our customer services reps are knowledgeable and friendly, and our warehouse is kept stocked - we feel these things set us apart from our competitors.

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All I can say is WOW!! You have been great, awesome costumer service and my package was delivered in 2 days! I will be recommending you guys to everyone I know, and I plan on purchasing more things from you guys! Thanks once again for easy and fast service! - Eddie


Hey guys I just wanted to say you guys are amazing, I live in ohio but visit your website daily, you have so many great products and your prices are very good as well. Just wanted to let you know that you are the best and im a customer for life. Keep up the great work guys, thanks again. - Bill


I just wanted to comment about your service. Thank you for being such a great company to do business with. You are doing it very well! Sometimes I wish there was more info on fertilizers, etc. Just making the N-P-K ratio (for example) available on all the products would be informative. It would be nice to see some leadership in the area of rating your bulbs for honest comparison. I appreciate your "eyes" suggesting good deals and superior products - nice move! These are not criticisms - just encouragement! - Robert


I'm switching from my regular hydro store to you guys because they have made me feel that my questions inconvenience them and Joshua at HydroWholesale is so helpful. - Staci


Thank you Matt, I appreciate everything. In all honesty, this shipping "mistake" actually made a stronger connection between me and your company and I will look your way when I need something, because I know your company will make it right, if there's a mistake. I've only run into a few companies like yours, and by far the customer service at Hydro has been awesome! - Nick


Wow awesome, I received the 2 black bucket drip systems today, that was the fastest shipping ever. Already set them up, it was an easy set up and so far working great. Sure I will order more as my plants get bigger and I try to clone them. Thanks again, will tell everybody about you. - Andrew


Thanks again for your speedy and effective assistance. They should give you a raise or some vacation time or something. I've had orders in with 7 different companies this month, and your stuff got here first, you responded first to all my correspondence, and you have been very helpful.... People like you are exactly what repeat business revolves around. If you guys have a catalog, please send me one. I’m sure we'll be doing a lot of business in the future as well. - James


Thank you very much! I’ve saved your website in my “favorites” and will definitely be making future purchases if this goes well. This was just my first purchase through your website, and it went well. I liked your products and the thorough description of the product. I liked the flexibility of being able to upgrade the lighting system that I purchased (a ELS1000). - Jackie


This is why I always deal with y'all, for keeping me informed on shipping, quick shipping to the customer, and always letting me know what's going on - In other words, excellent communication! - Loyal Customer Lee

Wow, you guys are awesome!! Thank you! - Melanie B.


I have done a lot of shopping around and you guys have the best prices for name brand quality. April was very helpful despite my many annoying questions. Thank you so much and I look forward to doing business in the future! - John S.


I normally despise coversing via telephone to companies and organizations. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I contacted your company. The salesperson that assited me with my order was knowledgeable, curtious, well-spoken and extremely efficient! - Steven