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by: heliospectra

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Heliospectra’s lighting system is centered on its ability to understand plants’ characteristics and needs to modify lighting to fast-track growth while maintaining the highest quality product. Heliospectra’s technology is unique in its foundation in the Internet of Things (IoT). By combining sensors – which monitor the condition of plants and how they use the light – with state-of-the-art software that controls the lighting via Ethernet and/or WiFi, the Company offer growers the ability to collect data and accelerate growth. The LX60 is designed to be comparable to the production of a 1000 Watt light system.

Energy-harvesting sensors at the base of the grow bed report temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and spectral light intensity to the patented Heliospectra biofeedback light regulation system. At the same time, the physiology of the crop will be measured with highly sophisticated, optical sensors suspended above the canopy. After the sensor information is processed the light intensity will be adjusted according to the specific plant type and desired crop characteristics. Biofeedback yields improved crop quality, longer shelf life, and overall improved plant health.


Light Intensity: Superior engineering via two-tiered optics has resulted in one of the most efficient, light-intense, uniform 4’ and 6’ spreads, available to greenhouse and indoor grow operations. The lights have an industry leading efficiency of 1.72 umol/J and produce up to 1011 mols/s.    
Energy-use: LED lights have much lower energy consumption, approximately 50-60% of that of equivalent HID bulbs
• Control: The Heliospectra LX60 is the only luminaire available with individual spectrum and variable intensity control. This equates to unprecedented control over Light Recipes and the ability to deliver dynamic light.
Longevity: There is no filament to burn nor bulbs to replace. LED luminaires have longer usable life spans - over 50,000 hours. Most HID bulbs only last 12,000 – 13,000 hours but degrade much earlier; the recommended replacement time is 9-10 months, but many growers replace every 3-4 months.  The lights come with an attachable six-inch duct work and an internal fan rated for 70,000 hours to control heat and insure consistent light output for the life of the light.
Heat Control and Reduction: LED lights change the HVAC equation. With Heliospectra’s modular heat dissipation solution growers can remove or direct heat within their environment.  Minimized heat equates to less upfront HVAC capital expenditure and lower monthly electricity costs. In large grow operations, a 50% reduction in utility bills has been seen post LED adoption. This cost benefit alone is a compelling argument to move out of HID bulbs.
Color spectrums: The Company has developed light recipes, different diode plates and optics customized for different species. This highly advanced lighting system offers extreme value to all growers, specifically cannabis growers. Multiple light recipes, lamp batching per strain and grow phases opens the door to a new paradigm of growing techniques. Today, LEDs with spectrum control results in higher quality plants and customization of chemical profiles when compared with equivalent HIDs - which cannot alter peak spectral output.
Power Management: Heliospectra’s lamps have built-in power management tools, while HID lamps rely on external ballasts that add another 150 watts of power consumption.
Upfront Costs: The initial cost of LED lights may be higher than equivalent HID units if subsidies and incentives are not available; however, given their benefits, they are less expensive over the long term, with ROI numbers fluctuating between 8-16 months depending on electricity costs, species grown, and methodologies employed. Just think, a 10-14 faster harvest allows for an additional harvest per year and increased profitability of 25%.  

Height 7.8"

Length 16.7"

Weight 17.6 lbs

Width 8.6"

2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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