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Canna Nutrients

Canna Nutrients is a leader in developing innovative products to speed plant weight gain and increase yield. In hydroponic gardening, soil is absent, which means that the food you add to water is vital to a healthy, productive result.

Specialized fertilizers like CANNABOOST, with the addition of PK1314, produce even better yields, with added flavor. CANNABOOST does double duty as a fertilizer and foliar spray. CANNA Coco A & B gives plants the best nutrient absorption for explosive growth and flowering. BioBOOST, a natural fermented plant extract, helps stimulate blooming, which adds to fuller flavor. BioBOOST was developed by Canna Research from tropical rainforest plant extracts.

The right mix of nutrients and feeding schedule depends on your garden’s needs, which will change according to your goals and your plants’ stages of growth. Review our extensive catalog of specially formulated Canna Nutrients products that take the guesswork out of complex feeding schedules.

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CANNA "Need to Know" Video Series

Note: When selecting 2 part nutrients that have a part A and a part B, they MUST be used together for proper performance.

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