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BC Bloom Box
by: bc northern lights

Our Price: $3,599.99
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A completely self-sufficient grow room, the BloomBox is simple- just plug it in, add your nutrients, and you are ready to grow. 2 chambers allows for constant production with no down time providing continuous yields. Propagate, vegetate and flower simultaneously to maximize production. 3 Pre-Programmed Timers mounted on front of machine make for the most user-friendly model available on the market. No assembly required, dimensions are 54" Wide x 51" Tall x 28" Deep on castor wheels. Plugs into normal 110v 15 amp outlets which means low power.

Over 80,000 lumens in the flowering chamber, powered by a high output 430-Watt H.P.S. air-cooled lighting system for 9 mature plants with over 3 and a half feet of growing height available. The vegetation chamber is designed to house a mother plant year round, allowing for easy cloning as is the removable clone tray. The flowering chamber Features four fans. One in the vegetative chamber to draw fresh air into the BloomBox, one in the flowering chamber to push air out through the coco-carbon filter, and two housed within the glass enclosed HPS bulb The temperature is maintained and CO2 is injected to create the perfect growing environment. Simply hookup up the tank (not included) and the BloomBox takes care of everything else. The BloomBox comes with a full 1-year warranty, protecting you and your investment. For more information on the Bloom Box, please visit

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  • How much does the bloombox weigh Thank you.?
    Hello Ross, Thank you for your inquiry. The BC Bloom Box hydroponic growing system weighs about 125 pounds. The shipping weight is roughly 225 pounds. The Physical dimensions of the BC Bloom Box are: Width: 54 Height: 51 on wheels Depth: 28 If there is any other information you need please just let us know. Thank you.
  • Does it come ready to grow ie supplys nutrients ect...?
    Hello Jason, Thank you for your inquiry. The BC Bloom Box is a stand alone all-in-one grow machine. It comes with:The Bloombox Grow Box, 6 Months of Silver Nutrients, CFL & HID bulbs, Odour Destroying Carbon Filter, Rockwool Grow Medium, CO2 Hookup and hoses, Airstones Air pumps, Water Pumps, Clone Dome, Hydro Tubs, Hydro pot for mother plant, Industrial Strength Casters, and a 400w digital ballast. If you have any other questions please let me know. Regards, Hydro Wholesale