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Grobot Evolution Complete Kit
by: purgro

Our Price: $2,582.99
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There's a lot of talk about Computer Controlled Growing (CCG). Here's how you can actually do it -- from running the lights and mixing the solutions to cycling the CO2 and cleaning and flushing the system, GroBot does it all. The GroBot is fully programmable to run lighting cycles, inject nutrients, pH control solutions, inhibitors, or additives all from your smart phone or laptop!

The GroBot Evolution is a system controller for an entire grow room or greenhouse. It replaces your pH Meter, TDS Meter, CO2 Controller, Humidistat, Thermostat, Lighting Controller, Cycle timers and has integrated pumps with 3 Liter reservoirs to inject four (4) different liquids (nutrients, pH control, additives, peroxide). The GroBot comes with one radio-controlled pluggable relay to operate your lights, and you can add more to control everything in your grow room. For more information visit

Comes with: Instruction Manual, Pluggable relay, Circulating Pump
Options: Pluggable Relays, Drain Pump, Fill Valve

Monitors and Controls:
• Lighting
• Air and water temperature
• Water level
• Relative humidity
• Nutrient injection
• pH
• CO2 levels
• Drain and refill

Remotely Operated:
• From your cell phone or laptop
• Supports multiple web cams
• Emails you when it needs attention

Wireless Power:
• No cables to run
• No electricians to call
• Controls up to 99 external devices via 2.4GHz radio network




Weight 7 lb

The Purgro Grobot Evolution unit comes with a 1 year warranty.

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ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings
by Victor Schroyer from
I have spent the past 8 of the last 10 years looking for ways to monitor and respond faster to specific points of interest in a hydro aeroponic grow setup. My local hydro store manager and I would have long conversations, where he would talk me out of this doser, or that monitor. One day I ranted about needing a better PH doser, and he said " Funny you say that, a gentlemen just came in the other day saying he has built such a device. After a few jokes and days later, I met the inventor and agreed to purchase one device with the intent on buying 4 more, if it actually worked! I've never had this level of control and precision in an aeroponic grow when 5-12 hours could mean the difference between flourishing plants and weeks behind schedule. With the EVO it has only grown better! It's way easier to set up, easier to use multiple EVOS and easier to work with the jars, as well as great probe updates. They are amazing machines that do what they say and they can do at an unbelievable

ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings
by John from
I purchased the GroBot Hydroponics system about 6 months ago on and can already notice a HUGE difference from my other hydroponic plants. The size of my Lettuce is literally double my traditional hydroponic growing methods. I also do not have to go home if I need to clean and adjust my ph levels as the GroBot does all that for me and can monitor it all on my cell phone, how awesome is that. I am loving my GroBot hydroponics system and will be recommending it to my friends and fellow growers. If you have any doubts just check out some of the reviews they have online.

ratings ratings ratings ratings ratings
by Brian from
I purchased the full GroBot hydroponics system from about a year ago. I have been a grower for most of my life, I started growing tomato's and sprout beans and have always grown in standard nit enriched dirt until my friend told me about hydroponics. My first tomato plant that I grew with the GroBot produced more tomatoes in two months than ten of my plants in the garden grew in six months. I am now switching hydroponics for all my growing needs. The GroBot is my system of choice.

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